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Diversity in the workforce and broader society is a given. 

Understanding that diversity, the value of inclusion and how they affect your organization is going to set you apart. It is about being proactive and building a workplace culture in which employees want to go above and beyond to help your organization prosper.

Depending on your organization’s current D&I status and organizational goals, your D&I needs will vary. We offer a variety of services to meet you where you are, and take you to where you want to go such as:

Available Services 

D&I strategy development

Competitor, benchmarking and best practice analysis

D&I business case development

Retention and returnship programming

D&I implementation support

Communications alignment with D&I strategy

Evaluation of D&I initiatives

Policy and program review

Advisory and coaching services

Diverse talent attraction strategies

Training and speaking

Internal & external inclusivity assessments

Our Approach

We work with organizations realize increased engagement, innovation and profitability by approaching diversity and inclusion (D&I) as a strategic priority. We take the time to understand our clients' priorities and pain points and use this understanding to frame diversity and inclusion challenges as opportunities that support the organization’s broader goals.

Our consulting process is steeped in research and best practices, bringing you global expertise in a local context.

Our interactive approach is flexible and customer-oriented, recognizing that diversity and inclusion is not one-size-fits-all!

Our recommendations are strategic yet practical, allowing you to move in the right direction at a realistic pace.

Let’s talk!

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 Jim Downie, FCPA, FCMA 

 Senior Financial Executive (Retired)

Imperial Oil Limited/Exxon Mobil 


Cathy has an amazing combination of expertise and a passion for her field of work. She combines this with a strong understanding of business clients needs, delivering outstanding, fit for purpose, results.